2 Course Sunday Roast Only 40tl!

Friday Fish 'n' Chips or Steak Pie 36tl

A la carte available

Tel: 0533 849 7512

About Us ...

…. and why the name Rafters?

Rafters was built in 1973, just prior to the inter-communal problems, and was a private bungalow. By the early 90's it had fallen into disrepair. In 1995 it was purchased by Geraldine and Werner Fayers who spent months renovating the place into what we know and love today. During the renovation process, Werner removed the ceiling and exposed the rafters – which he restored with loving care. Hence the name!

Living space was added above the restaurant and Palm trees planted as well as a pond built.

The car park and garden have two Olive trees which are reputed to be 1800 and 2000 years old!

Some years after Geraldine and Werner retired, Abbas took over the place in February 2006. Abbas asked them both to come and assist restoring it as they used to have it. The result is that Rafters truly is a relaxing dining experience in the most pleasant of surroundings.

Slightly off the beaten track, it really is an oasis in the olive grove - and palm trees!

Our staff comprises of seven people; two chefs, one commie chef, three waiters and Abbas of course.

You've already met Abbas on the home page. Below are the rest of our principle staff. Just hover your mouse/pointer over an image to enlarge it.